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Pairing: Kradam!!
Rating: PG
Summary: Snow White AU where Kris is Snow White.  Kris meets Adam, a servant to King Sauli, and falls madly in love with him.  However, Sauli wants Adam all to himself, so he orders Adam to kill Kris.  Adam lets Kris escape into the woods, where Kris meets seven new friends.  Will he ever get to be with Adam?  Not if a poisoned apple has anything to do with it...
Author's Note: This is another installment in a fairy tale au series I'm writing.  I just really like Fairy Tales, deal with it! :P  Also, sorry to the Sauli fans...I needed a villain and he's the most relevant right now.

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Pairing: Kradam!!
Rating: VERY's just a fairy tale, guys! :P
Summary: Cinderella AU where Adam is Cinderella and Kris is the Prince.  They are friends as young boys, but are pulled apart when Adam's father marries a rich woman.  10 years later, Adam is a servant and Kris is looking for a husband at his ball.  What happens when they are reunited?
Author's Note: I'm doing a little series of fairy tales with Kradam...I've already down Beauty and the Beast, and this is my Cinderella story...look out for more fairy tales soon! :D  Also, I'm a ridiculously sappy person, so if you're looking for something besides fluff, this really isn't your cup of tea! :P

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Pairing: Kradam!
Rating: PG for BoysX2 and homophobia
Summary: Beauty and the Beast meets Kradam!  Kris Allen lives in prejudiced times. Gay people are executed for their ungodly behavior. What happens when he falls in love with a beautiful girl who just so happens to be a prince under a witch's spell? Will he accept love or let it slip away? And will he break the curse or is Prince Adam doomed for all eternity?
Word Count: 7428 (Holy cow! This is the longest thing I think I've written!)
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